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Tunnels Foil Greenhouses

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KGP Foil Tunnels
KGP Foil BiTunnel
KGP Foil Fixed Tunnel
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KGP Foil Tunnel

kgp-foil-tunnelThe greenhouse type KGP Foil Tunnel, is the most simple and economical model that KGP FOIL GREENHOUSES is provideing, nevertheless it still has the robustness that characterizes the KGP brand.

Concrete is not needed with its simple and quick assembly system, which makes it possible to move the greenhouse without much effort. Thanks to its design, it is also possible to place it on lands with marked slopes. The wide open gable fronts of this model together with the possibility of using top windows achieve an effective ventilation inside the greenhouse.

KGP Foil Tunnel is the ideal model for regions which has an overal soft climate where the summer does not reach high temperatures. Available models: 6,5; 8,5 and 9,5 metres wide.